Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coloured Resin

I want to use a coloured resin but I think that the best way to achieve this would be to add a coloured pigment to the resin. I couldn't find anyway to order them from in New Zealand but there is a company in the States that sells them in a variety of colours (above)
Terry has some pigments that we can experiment with next week, so if that works we won't have to buy any.

R180 Epoxy Resin

Nuplex R180 is a modified, low viscosity epoxy resin and is used in conjunction with Nuplex H180 hardener for the construction of reinforced laminates in the Marine environment.

This epoxy system was especially developed for the production of articles where thin film cure is of particular importance. Particular emphasis has been placed on deferral toughness and strength of the cure system. As well as offering high mechanical properties, its low viscosity facilitates wet out of difficult fabrics

80s reissue research

Thursday, June 10, 2010


To design and create a skateboard from researched materials. I will make a short deck (retro 80's look) with a kicker (or two) and longboard trucks (the experiment). I need to research what materials will work best and an appropriate shape for the board. When this is done I will design the board on Solidworks and cut it out. Following this I will construct the board, then spray it and attach the trucks.