Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jewel bracket design

Week 6 Term 3

On Tuesday this week we were in the computer labs. We had our final checklist given to us and we were working on finishing it. I just changed some labels and updated a few blogs. I also added some photos. On Wednesday I was sick. On Friday Terry gave us the Poly morph. It is plastic that melts in hot water and can be moulded. I will use it to make brackets to stick the base together, so I don't have to use aluminium, which doesn't fit with my design. On Friday I designed the brackets. The design (see the photo) is a jewel. It will fit over the base. There are eight of them to make. I decided that I would roll the Poly morph into a sheet and cut out the eight jewels on the CAM machine. I will then bend the end flaps over by adding hot water.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Base on Solidworks

Two base discs with holes drilled

All discs cut out

Week 5 Term 3

On Tuesday this week I first quickly changed some labels on my blog. Then I consulted with Terry and started on my next step; to drill holes in the two white bottom discs. I had to mark eight holes evenly around the circle, 10mm in. I figured out a good plan for doing this (see above drawing. I drew in the red lines and then just measured 10mm in on each line) I then drilled out the holes. On one discs I used a 3mm bit and on the other a 2.5mm. Next step is to drill holes on other discs. On Wednesday I blogged and did by calendar and posted pictures.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Engineering Drawing

Week 4 Term 3

On Tuesday this week I changed the labels on my blog postings. I also posted a picture of my finished mock up design and several pictures of my first two discs being cut ut and fully cut out. On Wednesday I did blog and calendar. I also posted pictures of my designed circles on 2D Design.
On Friday I measured and cut out my 100mm bright green disc. I also cut out the two 200mm base discs, in white acrylic (I changed this, from aluminium/clear acrylic, so that you cannot see through to the circuit and that it matches the acrylic used for the rest of the discs). My next step for these will be to drill out holes in both of them.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Week 3 Term 3

On Tuesday I worked on my mock up. I almost finished it. I'll fully finish it on Friday. I also consulted with Terry. I figured that there was no where in my design for my circuit to hide, so now I have a base in my design. The bottom disc will be made of clear acrylic or aluminium and then there will be ANOTHER disc, the same size, under it, made of aluminium. They will be joined by a 10mm piece of aluminium and rivets. The other change we made is that, instead of coloured LED's, I will have the top three discs made of coloured acrylic. The spheres will be clear vacuum form. I will have several bright white LED's which will shine through the coloured discs and reflect off the clear sides. The wires will come from the circuit, hidden in the base, up the walls to connect the LED's.
On Wednesday I did blog and calendar and posted a photo of my mock up in progress. On Friday I finished my mock up. I cut out my fluoro pink and blue discs on the CAM machine. It went real smooth with no problems.

Mock up in progress