Thursday, August 26, 2010

Creating Template

Today we transferred the designs we had created on Freehand onto ply, by hand. We drew half the board so that the template can be used to create a perfectly symmetrical skateboard. We used a finished board to figure out the appropriate length and width, taking into account the kickers at each end. Once this is done the template will be cut out on the scroll saw.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back of board

I want to spray the back of the board a mottled bluey-green like one of these. I am keeping with the fish theme so I am going to paint some fish like these over the top.

Template on Freehand

Template Designing

Today we are designing our templates for our decks on Freehand. My design is based on the shape of a short board from the 80's that I really like. It is slightly fish shape so I will probably paint it in accordance with that theme. On freehand I drew the shape of the whole board but when I transfer i to bendy ply I will draw half the design so that when it is traced the deck will become symmetrical. The design will be traced onto bendy ply, which is flexible.