Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Week 10 Term 3

On Tuesday this week Terry wasn't there so we had a reliever. The activity Terry left us to do was origami. So we made paper boxes and boats for an hour. On Wednesday we had half a period of blogging and calendaring. The other half of the period we had practical and I was cutting out squares of wood to shape into spheres on the wood lave, to be a mould to use on the vacumn forming machine. I cut them out on the band saw in the wood work room. The first 6 I did were 350mm by 350mm, and the second lot were..

All jewel brackets finished

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Week 9 Term 3

On Tuesday this week we had practical. I cut out two more of my jewel design brackets on the CAM machine, and filed the ones I'd cut out in week 7. I also took photos. On Wednesday I did my blog and calendar. I also added photos, changed labels and worked on my check list. On Friday I finished the last of my brackets and filed them all to perfection. On the last set of brackets the CAM machine went all the way around so I didn't have to set up the machine twice. In don't know why that happened. Next week I can start constructing the base.

Week 8 Term 3

this week was exam week so we had no classes.

Pink brackets cut out

Green brackets being cut out

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Week 7 Term 3

On Tuesday this week I started my Poly morph sheet, I had to boil up the jug 3 times to get the water hot and keep it hot. We then put the Poly morph balls into the water. Straight away they started going clear and lumping together. I was able to roll it out soon, but some bits were still too hard and went even harder once it was out of the water. I put it back in but the water wasn't hot enough. I need to finish it on Friday because I didn't have time to boil water up again on Tuesday. On Wednesday I did blog and calendar. I also re-coloured my blog. Terry checked my blog and gave me six credits. On Friday we did practical. I started to finish off the Polymorph but came to the decision that it wasn't going to work because there were too many bubbles and lumps in the surface of it. It wouldn't cut right or look nice and acrylic would do the job just as well. So I decided to use acrylic. First I drew up the jewel design on 2D design, then cut out the first two brackets in pink acrylic, on the CAM machine. A problem I encounted was that the CAM machine cut out the outline perfectly but ignored the shallow inner line. I don't know what to do about this so I just got rid of the outline and got the CAM machine to go around again and cut out the inner lines. I had to do this for both sets of two brackets.