Thursday, October 30, 2008

Week 3 Term 4

On Tuesday this week I dug out the Styrofoam from my vacumn mould and moulded the second half of the bulb. On Wednesday I was sick but I came in after school and cut off the excess on my vacumn mould. I then trimmed it on a gerbil. Then I cleaned it. I managed to get a frosted look by cleaning it with thinner and a paper towel. I will do this for all the rest of the bulbs too now. I will also be 'sewing' the half bulbs together with more vacumn form material. On Friday I came in in the morning and posted photos and blog and calendar. In the rest of the day I will have practical. I will need to dig out the Styrofoam from my second mould and clean and trim it. I will then finish filing down my largest polystyrene bulb and vacumn form it, in two halves and clean and trim these. I will need to finish off my second half of the wood bulb as well, and vacumn form both halves (plus cleaning and trimming). And at some point I will have a video interview. And I'm coming in on Saturday..

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