Thursday, May 21, 2009


1.3 Design brief produced is relevant to the task in identifying environmental hazards and establishing design specifications.

Our brief is to create a pair of speakers out of material that is either recycled or being used for a purpose other than its original one. For a recycled material we are using MDF which is made of recycled wood. We are also using carpet underlay, that’s original use is to extend the life of carpets by lining the floor underneath them. We are using the underlay to line the inside of our speakers to block the unwanted frequencies.

Environmental hazards that come from using these materials include the harmful gases produced by MDF when it is burnt or cut. The glue in MDF contains deadly chemicals which are released when burnt or cut and can cause damage to the atmosphere.

The carpet underlay is highly flammable and could easily become ignited. If this happens it could cause harm to people and the burning will release large amounts of carbon dioxide which could harm the atmosphere.

To protect against these environmental hazards we wear a mask that will prevent against inhalation of the deadly gas. Also, we use large extraction fans and open windows to remove the fumes from the work area.

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