Thursday, July 24, 2008

Week 1 Term 3

On Tuesday we were in the computer lab. I commented on Henry's blog, and he commented on mine. He said "Your blog is looking good and you seem to have everything needed and the solid works design is looking good but you may find it hard to build. P.s I enjoyed Terry's comment!" On Wednesday I was sick so not at school. This was a problem because I didn't get any work done. On Friday I did my blog and calendar (which I would have done on Wednesday). After that I got my prototype almost finished. I removed the glue from the solar panel and sanded down the scratches on the top, with a ? machine. When we tried to stick it down it was difficult because the the soldering that attaches the wires to the solar panel did not fit in the holes that were made for them. We used a different type of glue and balanced some weights on top so that it would stick without having to be right on the top of the box.

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