Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Week 3 Term 3

On Tuesday I worked on my mock up. I almost finished it. I'll fully finish it on Friday. I also consulted with Terry. I figured that there was no where in my design for my circuit to hide, so now I have a base in my design. The bottom disc will be made of clear acrylic or aluminium and then there will be ANOTHER disc, the same size, under it, made of aluminium. They will be joined by a 10mm piece of aluminium and rivets. The other change we made is that, instead of coloured LED's, I will have the top three discs made of coloured acrylic. The spheres will be clear vacuum form. I will have several bright white LED's which will shine through the coloured discs and reflect off the clear sides. The wires will come from the circuit, hidden in the base, up the walls to connect the LED's.
On Wednesday I did blog and calendar and posted a photo of my mock up in progress. On Friday I finished my mock up. I cut out my fluoro pink and blue discs on the CAM machine. It went real smooth with no problems.

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