Thursday, August 28, 2008

Week 6 Term 3

On Tuesday this week we were in the computer labs. We had our final checklist given to us and we were working on finishing it. I just changed some labels and updated a few blogs. I also added some photos. On Wednesday I was sick. On Friday Terry gave us the Poly morph. It is plastic that melts in hot water and can be moulded. I will use it to make brackets to stick the base together, so I don't have to use aluminium, which doesn't fit with my design. On Friday I designed the brackets. The design (see the photo) is a jewel. It will fit over the base. There are eight of them to make. I decided that I would roll the Poly morph into a sheet and cut out the eight jewels on the CAM machine. I will then bend the end flaps over by adding hot water.

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