Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Week 7 Term 2

On Tuesday I published a whole lot of photos of my progress on Friday last week. Then I went on to Freehand and finished off my annotations on my first design, so I could do Solidworks on Wednesday. On Wednesday there was a computer knowledgeable guy in the classroom who helped me to figure out how to get my design into 3D!! We finished in all but I have to do it again next week to show that I can do it by myself. We had one problem where the solid lines should have been construction lines, so it wasn't 'closed', but the computer guy figured that out soon enough. On Friday we had two periods of practical. I drilled out the holes and screwed in the bottom plate. Then I started on doing up my circuit. I couldn't quite work the solder suck but I got someone to help me and it was all good.

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terry hawkings said...

Hi Mary

Some awsome stuff on your blog. Here is a list of things to do in order to get your blogsite up to date. Some of your labels are wrong in your postings. Re-edit your labels. Post your final pics for 13403. Take a pic of your light working. You will also need to take the bottom of your light off and take a pic inside your prototype box. Prototype evaluation needs to be written, more information is needed for copper research, materials justification paragraph, reflections need to be written for week 8, also you need to talk about any problems you have encountered during Friday practicals. Make sure your calender is up to date.

Your blog is starting to look like an excellence!
18242 is excellence!