Monday, June 30, 2008

Week 8 Term 2

On Tuesday I recreated my design on Solidworks and tried out some colours. I posted this on my blog along with the picture of the design in process. I also posted some other pictures of last weeks work. On Wednesday I worked on my blog and calendar. After updating these I Put some of my other postings in order. On Friday I finished my prototype box. I worked on my circuit attaching the wires and the components - the battery snap, the LED's and the wires for the solar panel. I had to stay until 5 to finish it. The wires kept breaking at the soldered joints which made the process MUCH longer because I had to keep fixing them. I also had trouble with the glue guns. They were too big and bulky, the glue dryed too fast and it was just too hard to use with the glue running out. If I did this again I would use something else to stick the LED's up, or at least a smaller glue gun. I finally got the circuit glued in, the bottom screwed on and the solar panel siliconed. But I forgot to take a photo of the inside so I have to take it apart again. While I have the bottom off I will have to fix the LED which fell back through its hole and the battery snap which came unstuck from the side. I will do that next Friday. In the weekend (!) I wrote a copper research paragraph and a vacuum plastic research paragraph and my evaluation of my prototype box. Which took ages.......

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